This is something that you can rest easy about for now. Because it turns out that this is not your decision to make. It will be left up to your dentist or orthodontist to decide between dentures or dental implant chicago work. This should be hugely influenced by the regular trips you have been making to the dentist over the years. But if not, all is not lost. All is never lost in this day and age of modern science and medicine.

But still, you should prepare yourself for the worst, if it could be called that (only; it’s not, you see). The worst case scenario? Well now, sorry to be telling it to you like this, but you might not be eligible for dental implants. It depends on your condition. This the dentist will have determined through his accurate diagnosis. He’ll be taking X-rays for sure. There are factors that influence this let-down but it is not bad news.

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Your jaw structure might not be suitable for implants. You may have abused your hygienic habits by skipping your regular brushing and flossing. Far too much damage which leaves the entire oral area far too vulnerable. But the good news is that the dentist or orthodontist will now be able to equip you with state of the art dentures that are nearly an exact replica of the old teeth that must go. It’s going to fit comfortably enough.

But great news for those of you who are eligible for dental implants and can manage the procedure. Make sure you’ve got a good plan. This could take months. But let it be known that it will be well worth the wait. So rest easy, deciding between implants and dentures is not yours to make.